Acupuncture Insurance Billing - 4 Classes- You will have 60 Days to Complete this Series

LEARN Insurance Billing in one series in the privacy of your own home

We have created a 13 hr course that will provide all information

necessary to do insurance billing. Taking this class will fill in the

gaps for people who have been billing with some success as well as be a

complete primer for practioners new to accepting insurance. This 4 part

series will cover setting up, coding, submitting claims as well as

updates regarding diagnosis coding requirements. Participants will

receive over 30 different PDF forms and handouts that you will use again

and again.


Learn about PPO and HMOs. What it means to be an "IN network provider". What is considered as reasonable and customary fees. The difference between copays and coinsurance. You will learn how to verify benefits in a way that guarantees payment.


Learn the new ICD 10 codes that came out in Oct. Learn which codes are considered medically necessary by insurance and understand how to code for your services. Procedure codes for initial evaluations, acupuncture and other procedures will all be explained.


This class will explain step by step how to fill out a CMS 1500 claim form, which boxes are mandatory and what information is optional. Learn how to submit claims electronically and do it for free. Knowing how to properly submit a claim form helps get you reimbursed quickly and avoids rejections.


Learn the necessary forms and requirements for running an insurance practice. You'll learn about best practices for HIPAA compliance and what is a Privacy Plan. In addtion you'll learn how to update your information in the carrier databases. Web access, going paperless will also be explained.

Your Instructor

Mori West
Mori West

Mori West, the owner of ACUCLAIMS began billing over 30 years ago. She is a featured speaker at Acupuncture Colleges and Acupuncture State Associations across the country. Since Acuclaims bills for providers nationwide she is able to impart up to date information that comes from submitting thousands of claims per month. Experience counts and few people, few companies have the level of experience that Mori West and her team at Acuclaims have.

Here are what her students are saying:

I have taken two of Mori's billing seminars and they have proved invaluable to my solo practice. Course information is comprehensive and up-to-date. Billing procedures are presented in a way that is easy to understand and implement in your clinic. Mori will tell you about ethical billing practices and how to avoid pitfalls. Information is also payer specific, which I found very helpful. Mori is truly the voice of experience and the expert in all things related to acupuncture claims. Perhaps best of all, Mori continues to answer questions and provide support after her seminar is over. She goes above and beyond to help individuals and the profession as a whole. I recommend Mori's seminars to every acupuncturist. Leigh C.

Mori's course on insurance was extremely thorough. She takes the time to breakdown the information and provides plenty of resources. You feel much more confident to start billing on your own and gives you a wealth of information. I highly recommend this class to any acupuncturist, from beginner to a pro needing a review or an update. The information is invaluable. Thank you Mori! Natalie G.

If you ever take a seminar/webinar from Mori West, you won't regret it. I started off hiring a few billers which was a disaster. They just did a poor job of filing claims and/or filed in a way which would ultimately get me red flagged. So I decided to learn it on my own and file my own claims. I've been doing that for almost a year now and I really wish I had taken this course before filing my own claims. It was so informative. Mori has a way of teaching that keeps you engaged and considering I'm not the type of person that likes dealing with administrative issues, I think that's saying a lot. Even if you're not billing insurance yourself, I really think taking this course will help you out a lot in so many other ways. Office practices, superbills, documentation and so much more. Thank you Mori for sharing this information with us ! Dawit A.

I have to say it was the best money I've ever spend on a CEU course as a newly established practitioner. Thank you again for clearing up the insurance game a little bit. Josh Chen

I just wanted to let you know I got paid. The UHC plan that we were talking bout the other day paid all but $28 of what I billed. I didn't even have to have them resubmit (because she has medicare). I have also created a fee schedule that I am comfortable with.You deserve a medal for what you have done with my brain. Maureen G.

Hi Mori, I was in your Columbia MD workshop. I have been in practice since 1996 and I must tell you it is by far the best workshop I have ever taken on business matters for acupuncturists. Yes, really! Barbara D.

I found the online seminar to be extremely thorough. Mori took the time to speak with me and go through every question I had. I highly recommend Acuclaims. Michelle O.

Insurance Billing in 4 classes

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